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12-07-2010, 08:17 PM
Dear Colleague,

The organising committee of the 2nd Annual Conference of the
International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society UK and Ireland
Chapter wish to announce an extension of the abstract submission date
by two weeks to Wednesday, December 22nd owing to recent closures of
many institutions with the current weather situation. The conference
will be hosted in University College Dublin on the 10-11th March,
2011. Further information is available on our conference website www.ifessuki.com

We are also delighted to announce that the keynote speakers who will
be presenting at the conference are as follows:

Dr. Nicola Maffiuletti, Schulthess Clinic, Switzerland -
'Neuromuscular electrical stimulation - can it enhance sporting
Prof. Steve Harridge, Kings College London, UK - 'Ageing, regeneration
and local muscle factors - the implications for neuromuscular
electrical stimulation.'
Dr. Gad Alon, University of Maryland, USA - 'Functional electrical
stimulation - Transforming clinical trials to clinical practice - a
forward perspective.'
Prof. Jane Burridge, University of Southampton, UK - 'Implantable
electrode technology - the future of electrical stimulation?'
Prof. Dominque Durand, Case Western Reserve University, USA - 'Neural
interfacing with the nervous systems to control artificial limbs.'

Registration for the conference will be available on the conference
website from mid-December.

Kind regards,

Ms. Oonagh Giggins
Dr. Garrett Coughlan
Dr. Brian Caulfield

Dr. Garrett Coughlan,
Institute for Sport and Health,
Newstead Building,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4,