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12-13-2010, 01:54 AM
Dear Biomch-l,

I am looking for an online resource that will allow my senior design students to self-select their own teams for their projects.
We have 12 possible projects, and 57 students, and I want them to be able to go online to the site, and sign up to be on the project and team of their choice.

Some issues:
I would like them to be able to see who else has signed up for that team, but not be able to add or delete others from a team.
I would like them to be able to change their minds as much as they like during the selection process, and drop from one team and add themselves to a new team.
But, they should only be allowed to have their name in the system once (only on one team at a time).
It must be an online resource that does not require special subscriptions or software downloads.

I have tried to configure online systems like "Doodle" for this, but any person can change the other persons entry, and the linear format makes organizing difficult.
Ideally, I would like them to even be able to select a 1st and 2nd choice. I have started to look as resources for team selection and organizing in sports (bowling and football tournaments) but I thought I would ask before I got too deep.

The ultimate goal is for them to pick the project of their choice with the people of their choice, but give everyone an equal chance to get the project that they want.

I realize that it usually never works out perfectly, but after they have made their selections, then the instructor can make the final decisions based on the students input.

Thank you everyone,


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