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Oyvind Stavdahl
07-01-1994, 07:10 PM
Hallo list,

I posted last week requesting references to people and/or
litterature dealing with kinematic and dynamic models of
the human hand.

Here comes a summary of the responses - a total of 8 messages
including references to about _383_articles_ (possibly with a
few duplications) plus persons and companies with expertice
and software products in this area.

I am impressed by the response - thanks to all who contributed!

With best regards,
Oyvind Stavdahl
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Dear Oyvind Stavdahl:

Our company has developed the Inertiator[TM] - the only comercially
available system for measuring the mass and inertial properties
of body segments. We will send you by mail ai information package
that includes some sample data.


Yael Yona
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I'm sending you my bibliography file. It has all of the articles I've
read related to upper extremity mechanics/physiology/misc. It has 351
references. All you need to do is read titles and keep the ones that interest
you. If you can't get copies of any, just send me a note of the ones and I'll
get them sent to you. Good luck.


PS I hope you use latex.

************************************************** ******************************

Dave Giurintano (504) 642-4731
Paul Brand Biomechanics Lab (504) 642-4738 F
GW Long Hansen's Disease Center giurin@resdjg.gwlhdc.lsu.edu
Carville, LA 70721

********************** all 351 upper extremity references **********************

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Oyvind Stavdahl

We, at the Bio-Mechanics Evaluation Lab, Michigan State University
have just started to work on a Kinematic Model of Human Hand from Shoulder
down (not including shoulder). Three dof at the wrist, Three dof at the MCP
joint and one at the PIP and DIP joint of each finger. We are trying to use
Motion Analysis system in the study of the motion of the hand. This model
was developed out of our own understanding of Hand motions.

One good reference :

- "Normative model of Human Hand for biomechanical analysis" - An, K.n.Chao,
et at. , J. Biomechanics 12, 775-788. (1979)

Nothing else much right now,
Have fun with the study of Human Hand Kinematics,

Kiran Sanka,
Research Assistant
BioMechanics Evaluation Lab
Michigan State University, EL MI.

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Dear Oyvind,

We are developing a model of the human upper limb based on musculoskeletal=
geometry, joint kinematics, and muscle force-generating properties.=
Our current model includes only the elbow and wrist, and has four=
degress of freedom. We have spent a great deal of time comparing=
moment arms computed with the model to moment arms measured in cadavers.=
We believe this is important because the moment arms have a major=
affect on the moments generated by muscles and on the resulting=
joint accelerations. I would be happy to send you a copy of our=
manuscipt describing the elbow model, which was recently accpeted=
for publication in J. Biomech.

There is a group at Stanford developing a model of the hand. This=
model is compatible with our elbow/wrist model because they are=
using the same bone geometry and the same musculoskeletal modeling=
software. Felix Zajac is the director of this project. Francisco=
Valero is the primary person creating and testing the model. You=
may want to contact them to get additional information.

The models I described above are still under development, so not=
much has been published yet. I would be very interested in the=
responses you get from your posting and would be grateful if you=
could forward them to me.


Scott Delp
Departments of Biomedical Engineering
and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Northwestern University

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kepple%bmlvax.dnet@dxi.nih.gov wire frame models available free on

also you can buy data from VIEWPOINT (801) 224 2222 Utah.

Richard Wood
Swansea Univ. UK

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Dear Mr. Stavdahl,
In response to your request distributed via Biomch_l
I send you the reference to the article with the results of biomechanical
modelling of human hand movements. The hand was modelled by a system of
16 rigid bodies connected by frictionless joints. This model has 22 degrees
of freedom corresponding to the movements in the hand joints. 29 hand muscles
were modelled by weightless expandable threads. The inverse problem of dynamics
has been solved for main movements of the hand, i.e. the muscle forces have been
calculated assuming that the sum of their efforts is minimal in each instant
of movement.
I hope this results may be helpful for you.
With best regards,
Elena Biryukova

================================================== =========================
Biryukova E.V., Yourovskaya V.Z. (1993) A model of the human wrist
dynamics. In: Advances in the Biomechanics of the Hand and Wrist
(F.Schuind, K.N.An, W.P.Cooney III and M.Garcia-Elias, eds.), Plenum
Press, New York, 107-122.

================================================== ======
Lab. of Mathematical Neurophysiology,
Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology
of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Butlerov str., 5a, 117865, Moscow, Russia
Phone: 7 (095) 338 77 00
E-mail: lmno@ihnerv.msk.su
================================================== ======

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>From James.Ashton-Miller@um.cc.umich.edu Mon Jun 27 00:54:30 1994

It is good to know that someone up in Trondheim is doing some
biomechanics. I spent five years at Sophies Minde Ortopedisk
Hospital in Oslo when Helge Ronningen (also in Trondheim in
Ortopedi) was there. Anyway - one of the hkey things in any
model would be the rate at which strength can be developed
by the various muscles. We have recently submitted a paper
on this to J. Gerontol.: Med. Sci. for the ankle muscles. If
you need some numbers - let me know.

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>From BUCHHOLZB@aspen.uml.edu Tue Jun 28 16:22:57 1994


I have attached a detailed, though incomplete, list of
references on hand biomechanics. I am doing quite a bit in this
area, so let me know if you have any other questions.

Bryan Buchholz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Work Environment
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854 USA

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musculo-skeletal geometry of the upper limb. Engineering in
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of human hand for biomechanical analysis. Journal of
Biomechanics 12, 775-788.
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Urbana-Champaign, IL.
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Current Interdisciplinary Research, edited by SM Perren and
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