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01-21-2011, 01:19 AM
Please find below an opening for a newly created position. For further information please contact:
Erik Hohmann via email:

Job ad reference: 30486078
Role title: Medical Laboratory Scientist and Technician
Status: Permanent Full Time
Unit/Branch: Department of Orthopaedics, Rockhampton Hospital
Central Queensland Health Service District
Location: Rockhampton
Classification level: HP3
Salary level:

Closing date:
(Applications will remain current for 12 months)
Contact: Prof Erik Hohmann
Telephone: (07) 4920 6536
Online applications: www.health.qld.gov.au/workforus or www.smartjobs.qld.gov.au

Fax application: (07) 4920 7250
Post application: Statewide Recruitment Services - Central Queensland Hub
Queensland Health Shared Service Partner
PO Box 4028
Rockhampton Hospital
Deliver application: Statewide Recruitment Services - Central Queensland Hub
QHSSP Building
Rockhampton Hospital
Canning Street

About our organisation
Queensland Health’s mission is ‘creating dependable health care and better health for all Queenslanders’. Within the context of this organisation, there are four core values that guide our behaviour:
•Caring for People: Demonstrating commitment and consideration for people in the way we work.
•Leadership: We all have a role to play in leadership by communicating a vision, taking responsibility and building trust among colleagues. Queensland Health applies the National Health Service (NHS) Leadership Qualities Framework.
•Respect: Showing due regard for the feelings and rights of others.
•Integrity: Using official positions and power properly.

•To provide clinical trial data management services for the Department of Orthopaedics within the health service district.
•The research officer must have skills in data abstraction, collection and entry, knowledge of the research process and demonstrated ability to work independently.

Your key responsibilities
•Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with Queensland Health’s core values, as outlined above.

Clinical Practise and Technical Services
•Provision of day to day service in the diverse clinical and technical tasks of the gait laboratory including data collection, design, manufacture, modification, fitting and repair of technical equipment.
•Lead and manage the quality of clinical practice within the motion analysis with no or minimal supervision.
•Contribute to, and as delegated, develop and lead clinical trials, data collection and analysis, which may extend across facilities (Queensland Health and Universities) seeking outcomes that influence standards or clinical practice, the delivery of orthopaedic services and the development of services and/or technologies through research, publication in peer reviewed journals and national and international presentations.
•Actively pursue professional development and learning opportunities and contribute to the biomechanical/orthopaedic body of knowledge and clinical practices.
•Participate in quality and service improvement activities to continually improve patient care.

Communication/Team Participation
•Utilise communication and network skills to establish and maintain professional links with universities, researchers, government and non-government stakeholders to guide the development for clinical education, workforce training, clinical standards and research collaboration in the field of orthopaedics and biomechanics based on the best available evidence.
•Actively participate in multidisciplinary team activities including internal and external quality control and audit procedures, clinical, professional and departmental meetings.
•Actively participate in clinical and professional supervision and participate in student and staff education and learning.
•Education of staff within the health district in research methods, quality control and clinical auditing.
•To comply with the requirements of workplace health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination practices and behaviour in the work environment.
•Provide ethical decision making in the achievement of organizational goals
•Actively pursue funding opportunities and grant applications.

Qualifications/Professional registration/Other requirements
•The successful application must hold a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Human Movement Science.
•Appointment to this position requires proof of qualification and/or registration with the appropriate registration authority, including any necessary endorsements, to be provided to the employing service prior to the commencement of duty.
•The position may require successful applicants to undertake continuous shift work and to work all shifts in accordance with the unit roster.
•Travel is a requirement of this position.

Are you the right person for the job?
You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the following key attributes. Within the context of the responsibilities described above, the ideal applicant will be someone who can demonstrate the following:
•Demonstrated expert knowledge, expertise and skills in clinical motion analysis and the ability to acquire new skills in clinical motion analysis.
•Demonstrate the ability to clinical and technical advice within the specific area in matters relating to motion analysis, assessments and equipment to stakeholders.
•Demonstrate the ability to provide assessment in motion analysis, data trial management, data collection, processing, analysis and interpretation.
•Demonstrate the ability to provide guidance and support to less experienced staff Members and support medical and postgraduate students.
•Fulfil the accountabilities of this position in accordance with Queensland Health core values.

How to apply
Please provide the following information to the panel to assess your suitability:
•A short response (maximum 1–2 pages) on how your experience, abilities and knowledge would enable you to achieve the key accountabilities and meet the key skill requirements.
•Your current CV or resume, including referees. Applicants must seek approval prior to nominating a person as a referee. Referees should have a thorough knowledge of your work performance and conduct, and it is preferable to include your current/immediate past supervisor. By providing the names and contact details of your referee/s you consent for these people to be contacted by the selection panel. If you do not wish for a referee to be contacted, please indicate this on your resume and contact the selection panel chair to discuss.

About the Health Service District/Division/Branch/Unit
For further information visit the District/Division/Facility website:

Pre-employment screening
Pre-employment screening, including criminal history and discipline history checks, may be undertaken on persons recommended for employment. The recommended applicant will be required to disclose any serious disciplinary action taken against them in public sector employment.

Roles providing health, counselling and support services mainly to children will require a Blue Card. Please refer to the Information Package for Applicants for details of employment screening and other employment requirements.

Health professional roles involving delivery of health services to children and young people
All relevant health professionals (including registered nurses and medical officers) who in the course of their duties formulate a reasonable suspicion that a child or young person has been abused or neglected in their home / community environment, have a duty of care and a legislative obligation to immediately report such concerns to the Department of Child Safety.
All relevant health professionals are also responsible for the maintenance of their level of capability in the provision of health care and their reporting obligations in this regard.

Disclosure of Previous Employment as a Lobbyist
Applicants will be required to give a statement of their employment as a lobbyist within one (1) month of taking up the appointment. Details are available at http://www.psc.qld.gov.au/library/document/policy/lobbyist-disclosure-policy.pdf

Employees who are permanently appointed to Queensland Health may be required to undertake a period of probation appropriate to the appointment. For further information, refer to Probation HR Policy B2 http://www.health.qld.gov.au/hrpolicies/resourcing/b_2.pdf