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Herman J. Woltring
12-01-1988, 01:05 AM
Dear subscriber,

One of the purposes of BIOMCH-L is to exchange information concerning
different topics in biomechanics and related fields.
I would like to offer the subscribers of BIOMCH-L the possibility to
exchange literature databases concerning the following topics:
electromyography and related subjects (methodology, force-EMG relations,
fatigue studies, movement studies in different sports, etc.; around 400
references), strength measurements and related subjects (isokinetics,
isometrics, strength training, fibre composition etc.; around 500 references).
To whom it may be of any help, I am willing to send you (via email) the
literature database (in normal ASCII) that we have been gathering for over
three years now. It may be interesting to exchange files using BIOMCH-L
(some good jokes are also more than welcome, but there are some more
appropriate ways you can get access to).

Looking forward for your reactions.

J. Cabri
Research Associate
Dept. Experimental Anatomy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
email address (VAX under Unix): janc@anat.vub.ac.be