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Jan-paul Van Wingerden
07-04-1994, 12:44 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

Some weeks ago I posted a question concerning "cheap" motion
analysis systems based on video. To my regret none of the replies
seemed to offer the right stuff (for the right prize). The best prize
came from Ariel Gideon, known to us all. His system still costs about
$ 9500.00, while I'm aiming at something in the range of $ 5000.00 .

At the moment I'm trying to put such a system together for this prize.
The system is based on fast PC, one video camera (2D), and a custom
made video digitizer board. Probably it will be able to digitize
black and white video images real time at 25 Hz. These images consist
of a black screen with some (1 to about 10) white points (about 1 cm
screen size). From each image the point coordinates are stored in a
file or can be analyzed at once (real time), (at least that's the
The advantage of this system would be that you have absolute freedom
in your application. Drawbacks could be the single plane recording
and the 25 Hz (sometimes too slow)

What is my point?
What I would like to know is whether people are interested in such
digitizer board with driver software?
Showing that people are interested in such a board helps me to
convince the developer and manufacturer of the board that it has
perspective. It may also have consequences for the prize of the board!

It may be clear that this is NOT a commercial mail. I'm trying to
establish the possebilities technical and financial, of such a system.

So, anyone who is interested in such a system or anyone who has
suggestions or questions concerning this system, please respond!

With kind regards,
J.P. van Wingerden
Dept of anatomy
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Email adress: vanwingerden@anat.fgg.eur.nl