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Mitchell Gil Maltenfort
07-04-1994, 04:48 PM
Since I posted my note to Compuserve, complaining about Mark Ryan's
"Easy Cash!" letter and including it in my text, I have received three
replies. One was a "thank you" for sending a note on the Biomechanics
Mailing List's behalf to Compuserve, asking that Mr. Ryan be dealt with
appropriately. The other two responses raised points I feel to be worth

First, I included the letter in my note to Compuserve so that they
would know exactly what I was complaining about. The mailing list was
"cc"'d so that other irate members would know someone had already sent in a
complaint. No waste of bandwidth was intended.

Second, I have NO connection to the letter besides complaining
about it. One person already wrote me asking about the scheme under the
misapprehension that I initiated it. I did not. The perpetrator was Mark
Ryan, 72430.2554@COMPUSERVE.COM, or such was the address on the letter.
Please DO NOT write me to inquire and/or complain about it being posted!

Thank you.

Mitchell Gil Maltenfort Northwestern University Chicago, Illinois

Computers are like puppies - willing and eager to obey, but unless
everything is explained to them in puppy terms, they *will* make a mess on
the floor.