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Mike Hendley
07-05-1994, 05:29 AM
Crashes seem to have become a common occurance in auto racing in the last
few months as everyone is well aware of. There have been movements by the
F1A to decrease some of the speeds while offering some protection
improvements to the drivers themselves in the areas of the head ,neck and
legs. NASCAR and CART have also followed suit to some extent.

Are there any active groups that have been assembled in order to address
high speed vehicle occupant safety internationally?

I understand that the drivers of Formula 1 have re-assembled their group in
order to focus on driver safety. Excellent idea! Who are the members of
this group?

Steps are being taken by various groups to install data acquisition systems
on race cars in order to obtain actual information on normal vehicle use as
well as possible impact situations. It would be interesting to see where
this information brings us in our quest for faster and safer racing.

This is my first posting in this group and I am hopeful it is appropriate.

I am looking forward to your responses.


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