View Full Version : The biomechanical conferences

Krystyna Gielo-perczak
07-06-1994, 04:24 AM
Dear subscribers Biomch-L,

As a co-moderator of Biomch-L I have received, during the last two
weeks, a lot of error messages. Over the next two months, it will be time
for some important conferences in the world and most of us will also be
travelling around. So, only to avoid 'disk quota overflow' or similar
problems, you can temporarily stop Biomch-L mail by sending the command
'set biomch-l nomail' to LISTSERV. After returning, you can re-activate
the mail by sending the command 'set biomch-l mail' to LISTSERV.

Because of these biomechanical conferences, on behalf of my colleagues,
Ton van den Bogert, Christoph Reinschmidt and myself, I wish you stimulating
and fruitful meetings. See you later in congress's lobby.

Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Co-moderator Biomch-L