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Young Hui Chang
07-06-1994, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone, I am a recent subscriber and just couldn't wait any longer
to keep off the bulletin.

I have two primary questions.

(1) The first is that I am trying to design some simple physiology
laboratories for high school students involving the energetics of
locomotion. I would like to do a lab on the potential-kinetic exchange
(i.e., inverted pendulum model) of the terrestrial walk. And also how this
model 'breaks down' during the walk-run transition (or trot or hop as the
case may be). I realize this would be somewhat trivial with the use of a
force plate. However, I would like to keep the lab very low-tech (i.e.,
easy enough for the average teacher to operate and explain to their
students within a 45-90 minute period) yet elegant enough for the students
to understand and be interested. Any suggestions?

(2) The second is more of a personal nature. I am currently finishing my
M.S. in physiology (after a B.S. in mechanical engineering), and am looking
for a lab to go to for further study. Ideally, I would like to work on
locomotion mechanics. I am currently working on the relevance of torsion in
the forelimbs of brachiating apes. I would like to continue on this theme
and study torsion of the hindlimbs in bipeds (but am still remaining quite
open). I already have a decent list of labs I have contacted, but I was
wondering if anyone I missed was interested in these types of problems and
had room for one more student.

I will not be posting the responses (to save the majority of you disk
space). But if you are interested in the responses, please send me a line
and I will forward them to you.

Thanks in advance to all who respond,

Young Hui

Young Hui Chang, Department of Anatomy, College of Veterinary Medicine,
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401 607-253-3551