View Full Version : Doctoral scholarship in human and applied physiology: Physical employment standards

03-10-2011, 05:08 AM
The University of Wollongong, through its Centre for Human and Applied Physiology (http://www.uow.edu.au/health/chp/), is seeking applications from potential and eligible Doctoral candidates for a three-year, full-time research scholarship, which is being funded by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO: Melbourne). We are seeking individuals capable of taking up this scholarship almost immediately.

The scholarship is designed to support existing collaborative research between the University and the Human Protection and Performance Division of the DSTO (Melbourne) focussing upon the development and implementation of Physical Employment Standards (PES) within the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The successful applicant is to be based at the University of Wollongong with structured time at DSTO (Melbourne) within different parts of the three-year doctoral research programme. Some of this time in Melbourne may also include, where appropriate, involvement in the larger DSTO PES project.

The Human Protection and Performance Division of the DSTO are developing Physical Employment Standards for the ADF. This is being undertaken in collaboration with the University of Wollongong through the Centre for Human and Applied Physiology. This Doctoral scholarship will add to the research capability of both organisations, but will be centred upon research of direct relevance to the development of physical employment standards. Four Master of Science scholars are currently in residence at the University, with each undertaking research designed to facilitate this larger project.

To satisfy the requirements and expectations of Doctoral research, this work will be developed upon sound, mechanistic human physiology. However, the final topic and form of the research project will be tailored to match the skills and experience of the successful applicant, and the research interests of the Centre and the DSTO.

Applicants must have research qualifications in human and applied physiology. A primary interest for this scholarship is to identify a candidate with expertise or a research passion within the broad area of human adaptation physiology with a focus on muscle endurance and force production capability. The minimal qualification is a Bachelorís Degree with Honours (preferably First Class, but not less than IIA), although a Master of Science (or equivalent) is preferred. Only applicants eligible to enter the Doctoral programme at the University of Wollongong need apply, and it is each applicantís responsibility to verify this status before submitting an application.

Since this work will require research at an Australian Defence Force establishment, applications can only be considered from individuals who could successfully undergo the RESTRICTED security clearance vetting process. This is the lowest level of security clearance, but it requires the disclosure of all relevant and required information, including Police background checks for at least the previous five years. This process will require the possession of Australian citizenship.

Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Herb Groeller (02-4221-3461: electronic mail: hgroell@uow.edu.au ). Applications should also be submitted to Dr. Groeller. All applications must include the following information: (a) a covering letter containing full contact details, a statement of your research interests and why you wish to pursue doctoral research, (b) a thorough Curriculum Vitae, and (c) PDF copies of all publications (including conference abstracts and full manuscripts).