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Angshuman P Bagchee
07-07-1994, 11:45 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L Netters:

This message is for the users of all video motion analysis system,
Peak Performance System in particular. We would appreciate some info
on requirement and sources of S-VHS video tapes.

Since we collect a "large" volume of video data for motion analysis
(using Peak System), it is important for us to optimize our tape usage.
For all the motion analysis system users, and Peak system in particular:

(1) Does it really help, in terms of "better" digitization,
when using the super VHS tapes as compared to normal
(yet high quality) VHS tape? Is there a difference in terms
of accuracy, speed of digitization, etc.?

(2) Could you provide names & phone numbers of sources for
buying S-VHS tapes at reasonable prices?

A response will be highly appreciated. I'll compile the info (esp. ques 2)
if enough responses are received. Such a list would greatly benefit a
number of users subscribed to the BIOMCH net. Pl. email your responses to

Thank you,

Angshuman Bagchee
Biomechanics Ergonomics Research Laboratory
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0056

email: bagcheap@ucunix.san.uc.edu