View Full Version : "Cheap" video digitizer works!

Jan-paul Van Wingerden
07-08-1994, 01:13 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,
As you know I have been looking for a video digitizer board
within an acceptable prize.
>From the responses I received it could be concluded that there exist
among the "poor" scientific world a true need for such a system.

Therefore I am happy to inform you that I succeeded in finding the
board I (and possebly we...) was/were looking for.
Let me give some specifications:

The board works on almost any PC with a 286 (12 Mhz) or higher
A speed of 50 Hz (frames per second) can be obtained on 486 (25 MHz)
or higher processors.
What does it do:
The board is able to calculate the center-coordinates of white images
(markers) on a black screen. Personally I need 4 markers but more
markers are possible (how many has not been tested yet, but we think
of at least 8)
The images can be made by using led's and an infra-red camera or
The calculated coordinates are downloaded into a binary file which
can easily be accessed by regular or custom software.

Now for the big surprise: The prize of this board together with some
toolkits will probably be less than $ 1500.00

Since this is not supposed to be a commercial mail I'll stop the
information here. If you are interested in this specific board
then please contact me on my E-mail adress. Then I can send the
information where to obtain such a board.

Finally, to be perfectly clear: I have no commercial interest in this
board. I am just an enthousiastic scientist who was fed up
with all these expensive and elaborate solutions and finally wanted
a cheap and easy to use video digitizer for his own
research purposes!!! And why not share such things??

Jan-Paul van Wingerden
Dept. of Anatomy
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
E-mail: vanwingerden@anat.fgg.eur.nl