View Full Version : 1st World Congress of Biomechanics

Herman J. Woltring
09-20-1990, 01:31 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

At the recent 1st World Congress of Biomechanics (the next one, in 1994,
will be in Amsterdam and organized by Prof. Rik Huiskes of the Biomechanics
Section, Institute for Orthopaedics, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands;
Prof. C.G. Caro, Imperial College, London is in charge of the scientific
programme), a large number of new books were on display, from Springer and
Pergamon in particular.

The proceedings of some of the special symposia were already available at
the congress; the editors are to be commended for their efforts. From these
proceedings, special mention deserve the following ones:

(1) J. Winters & S. Woo (Ed.), Multiple Muscle Systems, Springer 1990
ISBN 0-387-97307-9 (New York) or 3-540-97307-9 (Berlin), US $ 69.00.

(2) J.S. Walton (Ed.), Minisymposium on Image-Based Motion Measurement,
Proc. SPIE, nr. 1356, 1990 (US $ 45.00).

Furthermore, the following books were announced:

(1) D.A. Winter, Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, Wiley,
New York 1990 (completely revised, 2nd edition). ISBN 0471-50908-6,
277 pp (cloth), July 1990, US $ 49.95.

(2) N. Berme & A. Cappozzo (Eds), Biomechanics of Human Movement -- Applica-
tions in Rehabilitation, Sports and Ergonomics. Proceedings of a Study
Institute and Conference held in Formia, Italy, 1986. Published by /
available from Bertek Corporation, 819 Loch Lomond Lane, Worthington,
OH 43085, U.S.A. (US $ 56.50, free surface mailing; air shipment add US
$ 4.50 for U.S. and Canadian destinations, and US $ 16.50 elsewhere;
payment by check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank and payable to
Bertek Corporation). The book has 529 pp and 199 figures, and is des-
cribed as being both a reference book and a text book.

Furthermore, the following conferences were announced:

(1) 7th International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology,
Ljubljana, October 13 - 16, 1991. For scientific details, contact
Dr Uros Stanic, Joseph Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, YU-61000 LJUBL-
JANA, Yugoslavia, Tel. +38(61)214 399, FAX +38(61)219 385.

(2) The Second North American Congress on Biomechanics (combined with the
16th Annual Conference of the American Society of Biomechanics and the
7th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics/Soci-
e'te' Canadienne de Biome'canique), Chicago, McCormick Center Hotel,
August 24 - 28, 1992. Contact Dr Louis Draganich (Conf. Co-chairman,
Department of Surgery, University of Chicago, 5841 South Maryland Ave-
nue, Box 421, CHICAGO, IL 60637, U.S.A., Tel. +1(312)702-6839.

While in San Diego I bought some books which I hope to announce on this list;
however, I was carrying so much overweight that they are being shipped separa-
tely. Once I have received them, I'll post a summary.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.