View Full Version : Installing Forceplates, request for advice

07-11-1994, 10:25 PM
Dear Biomch-L colleagues,

I have a problem and a question, no doubt there will be many answers which

I will summarize and post to everybody.

I will not name any names at this stage, just to avoid raising the heat of the
arguments I have had with some people and also to keep the names of
commercial companies out of this list.


1 - A reinforced concrete building of three stories is being constructed
and is in its final phases.

2 - Due to unknown reasons the Biomechanics Lab was agreed " with the
architect contractor" to be on the second floor.

3 - The architect's contract make them responsible for fitting the
forceplate in the lab.

4 - The architect has been in contact with the local supplier of the
forceplate, apparently asking advice.

5 - The Lab has been built but with no space allocation for the plate in the

6 - The architect argues that the floor is too thin to install the plate in it.

7 - The architect argues that they have been advised that a "WOODEN
TIMBER WALKWAY" is an acceptable method of installation.

8 - The architect points to the local supplier of the forceplate as the one
making such advice.

9 - We have letters from the local supplier of the forceplate which
implicitly imply that a "WOODEN WALKWAY" is an acceptable

10 - There is still time to save the lab and rectify some of the problems.

Would anybody care to comment.