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Jan-paul Van Wingerden
07-12-1994, 10:40 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

Some day's ago I posted a mail concerning an inexpensive
video digitizer board.
It took me some days to contact the designer of the board go get the
right adress for information.
I promised the people who responded to provide them with this adress.
However since such an unexpected crowd replied, to economize time I
take the liberty to mail the adress straight to BIOCH-L and not to
the individual respondent. I hope the other BIOMCH-l user will excuse
me for doing so.

The adress is:

MTB electronics bv
Edisonstraat 13 d
2723 RS Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

Tel: int - 79 - 41 75 82
Fax: int - 79 - 42 10 24

Ask for the VIDEO DIGITIZER DSM200e, for marker acquisition.

I wish you all happy video recording!

With kind regards,
Jan-Paul van Wingerden