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Thomas G. Loebig
07-20-1994, 12:58 AM
Hi Netters,

To anyone out there with some bio-strain gauging experience:
We would like to know,
1) what's the best and most economical coating to use on wet bone in a saline
sprayed (not submerged) environment? We are considering M-Coat C
(solvent-thinned RTV silicone), M-Coat D (acrylic lacquer) or Dow-Corning
Silicone Rubber 3140. We have been using M-Coat A, and after experiencing
some progressively increasing signal drift, we want to use something a little
more substantial than polyurethane.
2) Are freeze/thaw cycles harmful to cyanoacrylate adhesives such as M-Bond
3) Exactly how long is cyanoacrylate effective when wetted with saline?
4) Is there any literature on thermal characteristics of bone to help in
evaluting STC performance of gauges, thermal output, heat dissipation, power
requirements, etc.?

Any info will be greatly appreciated, and of course, a summary of replies
will be posted. Thanx in advance.

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