View Full Version : Biomch-L: 200 subscribers

Herman J. Woltring
09-23-1990, 05:07 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

During this weekend, the number of Biomch-L subscribers has passed the 200
mark, following advertising of our list during various recent Biomechanics
meetings. It seems that the list, now in existence for almost 2 years, is
serving a purpose, and I hope that the increased number of subscribers will
entail increased diversity in postings. For example, while the current pro-
file of Biomch-L might, perhaps, be seen as fysiologically and solid-biomech-
anics oriented, the recent First World Congress of Biomechanics in San Diego
attempted to merge these fields with fluid Biomechanics (cardiac / arterial

At present, new Biomch-L subscribers have a number of default list options
which do not include the REPRO feature; thus, they will not automatically
receive copies of their own postings onto the list. I would suggest that
all subscribers send the following requests to LISTSERV@HEARN

set Biomch-L repro
review Biomch-L (countries
query Biomch-L

to ensure that they will receive copies of their own postings, to receive a
list of all subscribers (with the country distribution of all BITNET/EARN/
NETNORTH subscribers), and information about their distribution options for
Biomch-L. If you receive an error message that you are not subscribed to
the list, this means that your address as known to LISTSERV@HEARN does not
exactly match (e.g., upper/lower case differences) the address as generated
by your mailer. Please let me know this, and I'll modify your email address

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring