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Nissan Moshe
07-21-1994, 05:07 PM
Dear netters:
I wrote once and got some refs but none gave me a certain part of the needed
data. Thanks to all those who answered.
I am looking specifically for info concerning:
1. The way forces in the ankle are distributed (facets, fibula/tibia etc);
2. The areas used for force transmission in the ankle in gait;
3. Special structures at the ankle to accomodate the shocks and vibrations;
4. Possible mini-movements (on top of dorsi/planter flex) and their
and other details, on top of the standards that appear in all the refs
given. I believe there were some papers including this kind of data but I
can not remember where I saw it.
Another request is: if you do have such a ref, and it is not in a VERY
popular journal, could you possibly send me a copy ASAP?
Thanks, Moshe

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