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Amy Polcyn
07-22-1994, 06:27 AM
Hi all-
I posted a question a while back about implementing Dr. Woltring's
algorithm for quintic splines in Matlab. I got a lot of requests for
copies of the answers I received so I'll just post summary here. I'm sorry
for the delay in posting, but I was hoping to have more positive news. The
most helpful information I got was from Peter Vint who suggested that there was
a C version of this code at ohio state. It is at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
The code does work in C, but since it was created using a fortran to C
translator it is not particularly readable so it didn't help me in
understanding how the algorithm actually worked.
As far as implementing the code in Matlab. I tried to create a
C-mex file which can be called from Matlab. (This can be done from Fortran
as well if you have the proper Fortran compiler.) I've run into some "type"
problems, though, since Matlab works only in double precision real. At the
moment this part of my project is on the back burner for me, but I will
post again if I am able to implement anything. I would also love to hear if
any of the others who were interested in the problem meet with any success.
Thanks again for all the replies.
--Amy Polcyn