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John Bickerstaffe
07-28-2011, 10:02 AM

Could you please advise me on where to obtain the following information both within the UK and world wide. We are currently updating our gait laboratory business plan and I have been asked to obtain to the following information (on an annual basis):

Number of patients seen in a gait lab
Type of patient- CP, stroke neuro rehab, other
Referrer- GP , consultant (speciality),physiotherapist
Outcome of assessment- surgery, physiotherapy, physiotherapy plus orthoses, other
Cost of assessment
Outcome of intervention- resolution, discharge, referred elsewhere
Staffing numbers and speciality

I have already contacted CMAS however I have had no reply as yet.

Thanks for your help

John Bickerstaffe MSc
Motion Analysis Laboratory
Ashton Primary Care Centre
193 Old Street
Ashton under Lyne