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Rich Hart
07-27-1994, 11:32 PM
(2nd attempt: I tried to post this a couple of days ago, and believe
we had an e-mail bug so that it did not go out. I applogize if this
is the second copy you have received. -- Rich)

Call for Papers:

BIOMED '95: Third International Conference, Simulations in Biomedicine
Organized by the Wessex Institute of Technology

21-23 June 1995
Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy

Conference Chairmen
Prof. C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
Prof. R.T. Hart, Tulane University, USA
Dr. H. Power, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

Time Schedule:
Submit abstract (300 words) by 22 August 1994
Submit final paper by 17 February 1995 (to be published in
a hardback book by Computational Mechanics Publications)
Final Acceptance 6 March 1995
Meeting: 21-23 June 1995

The objective of this Third International Conference in
Computers in Biomedicine is to bring together different scientists
who work on the application of computers to simulate biomedical
phenomena, as well as to develop numerical algorithms to analyze,
manage, and visualize data.
Bioengineering applies the methods of engineering, applied
mathematics and physics to the study of biological phenomena and
the use of their concepts to describe these phenomena. The
advantages of this approach are numerous, particularly in the area
of biomedicine where this treatment has been very successful in
understanding the mechanic of physiological processes.
Numerical analysis, a topic common to the fields of
engineering, applied mathematics and physics, has been helpful to
the understanding of biomedical phenomena by means of their
computer simulation. Another major contribution brought to the
medical community by computational facilities and numerical
techniques is the ability to visualize numerical data.
This conference is specifically aimed at scientists
throughout the world working on the application of computers to
simulate and analyze biomedical phenomena but may not be fully
aware of each others development.

International Scientific Advisory Committee:
Prof. M.W. Collins, City University, UK
Dr. P.R. Johnston, University of Tasmania,, Australia
Dr. M Karlsson, Linkoping University, Sweden
Dr. L.J. Leon, University of Montreal, Canada
Prof. C.J. Lumpsden, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. M.D. Nowak, University of Connecticut, USA
Dr. M. Tanaka, Osaka University, Japan
Mr. A. Urbaszek, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Dr. Y. Xu, City University, UK

Conference Secretariat:
Jane Evans
Wessex Institute of Technology
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton, SO40 7AA UK
Phone: 44 (0)703 293223
FAX: 44 (0)703 292853
E-MAIL: CMI@ib.rl.ac.uk

Conference Topics:
Simulation of Physiological Processes
Heart Biophysical Properties
Computational Physiology
Computational Methods of Electrophysiology
Engineering Modelling of Tissues
Tendon and Ligament Engineering
Cardiomechanical Studies
Artificial Organs
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Biomedicine
Cardiovascular Mechanics
Respiratory Mechanics and Lung Flow
Intestinal Flow
Haemo Fluid Dynamics
Kidney Flow
Dynamics of Valves
Orthopaedics/Bone Mechanics
Prosthetic Devices
Joint Replacement Design
Bone Remodeling
Crash-Injury Studies
Dental Mechanics
Movement Analysis Models
Electrical and Magnetic Simulation
Electro Encephalogram
Magneto Encephalogram
Muscular Impulse Simulation
Image Processing
Imaging (X-ray, MRI) and Image Processing
Molecular Imaging
Anatomical Applications and Imaging
Computer Aided Tomography
Ultra Sound Imaging
3-D Imaging and 3-D Image Processing
Quantitative Medical Imaging
Data Acquisition and Analysis
Numerical algorithms to Analyze, Manage and Visualize
Biomedical Data

If interested in attending, please notify the Conference
Secretariat as soon as possible. If interesting in participating,
send an abstract (300 words) to the Conference Secretariat by 22
August 1994.