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Christoph Reinschmidt
07-29-1994, 06:11 AM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers:

I am reposting Ariel's message as "plain ascii" for the benefit
of those subscribers who do not have access to a uudecode

Christoph Reinschmidt,
Biomch-l co-moderator

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Dear Biomch-L Colleague:
Please accept my apologies for having to waste
your time and mine with what should be unnecessary
clarification of the record. However, I must respond to
the latest information that was published on the List,
especially since it was linked to my company unjustly.
The first and most important point is that the
company mentioned on the list which went bankrupt
was not my company !!! ARIEL LIFE SYSTEM WAS
Systems, unfortunately was a distributor for Ariel
Dynamics, Inc. Let's consider the car industry for
comparison. Ford Motor Company has many dealers
but if one of their dealers goes out of business, this
does not mean that Ford went out of business. Ariel
Life Systems used my name since they distributed
some of my products. They bought the items from
Ariel Dynamics for a low wholesale price and then
marked them up to a ridiculous retail amount before
selling to the customer. Ariel Dynamics did not benefit
from that price increase; we got only the agreed upon
wholesale price. However, Ariel Dynamics had a
contractual relationship with Ariel Life Systems for the
purpose of marketing and selling our products.
Furthermore, I was not an Officer of Ariel Life Systems
and had no administrative duties, which was reported
correctly in the San Diego Union article. Ariel
Dynamics tried, unsuccessfully, to terminate the
distributorship contract with Ariel Life Systems for
several years. Finally the problem was resolved when
Ariel Life Systems declared bankruptcy.
With regards to my company, Ariel Dynamics,
we are in great shape which can be verified by
examining the report prepared by Dun&Bradstreet
(D&B). D&B is probably the most well known, reliable
source of information on American companies. In
fact, I encourage anyone who is interested in buying
any product from an American company to request a
Dun&Bradstreet report on the company.
Unfortunately, some of our competitors use the
Dun&Bradstreet report on Ariel Life Systems to
indicate a problem in Ariel Dynamics. This can only be
construed as a deliberate attempt to mislead the public
with lies, fabrications, and innuendoes. Business
practices of this type are unfair to the customer and
should raise questions concerning the lack of honestly
and ethical behavior. If a company can lie about a
competitor, what prevents them from deceiving people
about their own products.
The Dun&Bradstreet report on Ariel Dynamics,
Inc. begins as follows:
D&B Dun&Bradstreet Business Information Report
DUNE: 01-878-9370 DATE PRINTED
SALES F $30,144,324
WORTH F $20,349,657

The report continues for an additional 5 pages.
One thing to note is the rating, 3A1, which is the
highest possible. This should not be a surprise since
Ariel Dynamics owns approximately 29 patents and the
royalties for various products such as Shoes, Tennis
Rackets, Golf Clubs, Tennis Balls, and Exercise
Equipment translates into millions of dollars a year.
However, this is much more then the company's
overhead which functions with a minimum of
expenses. These royalties mean that we do not have
to sell anything to remain in business. In fact, the
Dun&Bradstreet report is very conservative. We have
no debt, no liabilities, and are cash rich.
The only reason we are involved in selling our
systems is because I believe in my own inventions. I
created the first motion analysis system as well as the
first computerized exercise equipment. In addition, I
had the first commercial company to use
biomechanics as the main tool for analysis and
research. I have no complaint about competition and,
in fact, believe this is good for both companies and
consumers since healthy rivalry simulates
improvements -- the better mouse trap syndrome. I
know that Ariel Dynamics was the first and has
remained the leader in this technology. To maintain a
leadership position, however, means constant efforts
to improve the products. On the other hand, do not
expect me to be an ordinary business man who is
trying to hustle the unsuspecting customer merely to
make a sale. I am a scientist as are many of you and a
Professor on the staff of the University of California at
Irvine in the Medical School. In addition, I am on the
staff at NASA involved in various projects aimed at
allowing man to fly to Mars. My goal in life is not to be
successful in business but rather as a scientist
involved in research and trying to develop better tools
for better research.
The question which initiated this response
remains -- Is it logical and appropriate to evaluate the
efficacy of a product and the strength or quality of the
manufacturer by reading a newspaper article written
about a completely separate business entity?
I don't claim to be flawless and I'm sorry if I
offend people. It is unfortunate that there are people
whom I have never met but they hate me and
participate in erroneous and misleading attacks
against me, my products, and my company. If this
correspondence is too commercial, then let's prevent
the attacks that force people to defend themselves; it
wastes everyone's time and effort.

Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D.