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09-13-2011, 08:19 AM
The 3rd Internat. FASCIA RESEARCH CONGRESS will be held in Vancouver, Canada, March 28-30th 2012.
The submission deadline has now been extended to Oct 1st

These series of international conferences, dedicated to the newly emerging field of "Fascia Studies", continue to build upon the objectives set out at the First International Fascia Research Congress in Boston in 2007 (see the related report in Science 318 :1234-5, 2007; http://www.rolfing.org/fileadmin/images/user-content/science_20article_01.pdf)

Among the different kinds of tissues that are involved in musculoskeletal dynamics, fascia has received comparatively little scientific attention. Fascia, or dense fibrous connective tissues, nevertheless potentially plays a major and still poorly understood role in joint stability, in general movement coordination, as well as in back pain and many other pathologies. Since fascia serves both global, generalized functions and local, specialized functions, it is a substrate that crosses several scientific, medical, and therapeutic disciplines, both in conventional and complementary/alternative modalities.

The scope of our definition of and interest in the bodywide continous fascia net extends to all fibrous connective tissues including: APONEUROSES, LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, RETINACULE, JOINT CAPSULES, ORGAN AND VESSEL TUNICS, THE EPINEURIUM, THE MENINGES, THE PERIOSTEA, AND ALL THE ENDOMYSIAL AND INTERMUSCULAR FIBERS OF THE MYOFASCIAE.

Academic sponsors are: University of Ulm, Germany, Division of Neurophysiology; Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; University of Westminster, School of Life Sciences.

More at www.fasciacongress.org/2012

Robert Schleip PhD
Fascia Research Group, Division of Neurophysiology, University of Ulm, Germany