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unknown user
07-29-1994, 07:15 AM
Although I would prefer to contribute to academic discussion on
this forum, I feel I cannot let the posting of a newspaper article
on this forum pass without a response.

Contrary to John Blackwell's statement, the demise of Ariel Life
Systems is quite irrelevant to those who have an Ariel system or
are thinking of purchasing one.

Ariel Life System was merely a distributor for Ariel products, and
a non-exclusive one at that. Ariel Life did not develop the
products or own the products, it merely sold them. Ariel Life was
the dealer not the car maker. The inventor of the products and the
owner of the intellectual properties involved, Dr. Gideon Ariel,
was only a minor player in Ariel Life.

For many years before Ariel Life Systems came into existence, we
at Dr. Ariel's own company, Ariel Dynamics Inc., developed the
systems, marketed the systems, and supported the customer base. We
will continue to do so into the future to the best of our

If one reads the article mentioned you will see that the Ariel
products are spoken of very highly as being on the cutting edge of
the technologies involved. Also, there is absolutely no reference
to losses by customers. Quite to the contrary, even with the demise
of Ariel Life the customers were treated very well. The only
persons to have suffered a loss were investors. Although one can
have sympathy for these people, investing in Ariel Life was not
like investing in IBM or DEC which turned out to be very poor
investments, or even a risky IPO. Investing in Ariel Life was
investing in a complete startup, which is as risky a business as
one can get, and the nature of the risk was clearly presented.
People who invested accepted the risk for the potential of high
gain. It comes with the territory.

Those persons who have or are thinking of purchasing Ariel products
should be unaffected by the demise of Ariel Life. We may not be
able wine & dine as well as Ariel Life but as for development and
support for the Ariel products it has never been better.

Dr. Jeremy Wise
Dir R&D Ariel Dynamics Inc.