View Full Version : Prosthetic Hips

Tom Lytle (austin/tx)
08-03-1994, 10:09 AM

I am a graduate student at the University of Texas-Austin
embarking on a research project on prosthetic hips. I have done
a good bit of reading in the literature and I am interested in
corresponding with any current researchers that are out there.

I also have a few questions that I would like to have input
on. I will summarize and post if there is sufficient interest.

1) What is the approximate number of prosthetic hip implants
performed on a yearly basis?

2) How many of the above are revisions?

3) What are the current materials of choice for the bearing

- Metal on metal?
- Metal on polymer?
- Polymer on polymer?
- Ceramics?

4) What is the preferred type of contact between the acetabular
cup and the femoral head, equatorial or polar?

5) What is the state of current research on corrosion and wear
debris problems?

Thanks in advance for your time. This looks like an interesting
project and I hope to hear from a wide variety of people.

Tom Lytle