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08-04-1994, 05:00 AM
Dear Netter:

Since there are a lot of people email me for my earlier posting requesting
the information for the 2nd North American Clinical Gait Conference. I am
posting the response I got from Dr. Prince. Please contact him and add youself
to his mailing list if you are interested to get additional information.
Dr. Prince's email address is: FPRINCE@VM1.SI.USHERB.CA

Bob Chen
School of Physical Therapy
Texas Woman's University
Houston, Texas 77030

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The second North American Clinical Gait Conference will be at the Department of
Kinesiology, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada from the 1st to
the 3rd of June 1995. Dr. David A. Winter is the organizer. If you give me
your our adress I will update our list and send you author's kit when available
Deadline for abstact will be around X-mass (to be confirmed).

Francois Prince Ph.D.
Director Gait and Posture Laboratory