View Full Version : Suggestions for biomechanics internet FAQ

Dwight Meglan
08-07-1994, 05:45 PM
I am beginning to assemble a frequently asked question (FAQ) document on
biomechanics related information sources on the internet. This document
will be similar to those used by netnews groups. It is intended to answer
commonly asked questions and therefore reduce the number of repetitive
questions showing up on BIOMCH-L. It will follow a simple, short question
answer format. For example,

Q: Where can I find numerical methods software on the internet to use in
programs I am writing ?

A: Look at netlib at research.att.com which archives all types of numerical
methods software, though mostly in fortran, and at the document
/pub/C-numanal on usc.edu which lists free C/C++ software on the internet.

I am just getting started and would appreciate suggestions for its
contents- include answers with the questions if you can! Please restrict
suggestions to information regarding internet resources specific to common
activities of biomechanics researchers. This is not going to be an
introduction to the internet.

I would suggest sending response to me rather than flooding BIOMCH-L.

I will post an update later on when I have shifted through all the messages
that I anticipate receiving.

dwight meglan