View Full Version : IEEE-BME Special, Aug '90

Herman J. Woltring
09-28-1990, 03:44 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The August 1990 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
is a Special Issue on Visualization of and Interaction with Biomedical Data.

Edited by Jose C. Principe, Donald G. Childers, and A. Antonio Arroyo (all
with the University of Florida), this special issue contains the following
contributions -- including coloured illustrations emphasizing the importance
of this modality:

(1) Visualization of Multimodality Cardiac Imagery -- J.W. Peifer et al.

(2) An Interactive Graphics-Based Model of the Lower Extremity to Study
Orthopaedic Surgical Procedures -- S.L. Delp et al.

(3) Three-Dimensional Quantitative Coronary Angiography -- T. Saito et al.

(4) Segmentation of Coronary Arteriograms by Iterative Ternary Classifi-
cation -- D.P. Kottke & Y. Sun

(5) Visualization of Dynamic Subcutaneous Vasomotor Response by Computer-
Assisted Thermography -- E.K.Y. Chan & J.A. Pierce

(6) TDAT - Time Domain Analysis Tool for EEG Analysis -- S. Park et al.

(7) A Computer-Aided Movement Analysis System -- S. Fioretti et al.

Some of the (co)authors of the papers (2) and (7) are subscribers to Biomch-L;
my congratulations to them!

Herman J. Woltring.