View Full Version : Next Issue of Kistler Biomechanics News

Bill Klavoon
08-09-1994, 01:31 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L Members,

Kistler Instrument Corp. will be publishing and mailing its Fall Issue of
the Kistler Biomechanics News (KBN) in mid-September.

1) If you would like to be added to our mailing list, or need a correction
to your current mailing address, please E-MAIL your "SNAIL-MAIL" address to

2) If you have any work which you would like to share with fellow
biomechanists via our "User Forum", please let us know.

3) If you have any questions concerning Kistler's line of biomechanics
instrumentation (force plates, accelerometers, video synchronization box,
etc.), or about our BIOmechanics softWARE (BioWare) that you think would be
of benefit to our readers, please let us know.

Thanks for you time,

Dan Fuglewicz
Biomechanics Systems Engineer
Kistler Instruement Corp.