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Colin Ilko Paranchych
08-15-1994, 02:36 AM
Dear Biomcl-l subscribers,

Thank you very much for the interest shown for my posting on knee
forces. There were enough requests for a list of the replies that I
thought I should just post them.

Colin Paranchych
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta
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To: COlin Ilko Paranchych
From: istrauss@info.curtin.edu.au (Geoff Strauss)
Subject: Re: Knee force analysis

Colin, Your recent message was timely and of particular interest to
me. Over the last few years we at the School of Physiotherapy at
Curtin University of Technology have been pondering the questions of
analysis of knee joint forces and the design of safe exercises for
individuals with compromised ACLs. Recently, we have used the Kin-Com
dynamometer with single and dual resistance pads to gather force data
and estimate the shear component of the joint force using the model of
Nisell. This work is abstracted (PL 490S) in Physical Therapy, 74(5)
Suppl, p.S164 May 1994, and will be published in full later this year.
The Nisell model is a fairly simplistic model and I have been
contemplating putting a request to the netwrok, as you have done. I
would be very interested in further correspondence and a copy of the
replies you receive.

Best wishes,

Geoff Strauss

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Subject: Re: Knee force analysis

To: Colin Paranchych

You are probably already familiar with 2-D analyses such as described

Collins JJ and O'Connor JJ. Muscle-ligament interactions at the
knee during walking. Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Vol 205, 11-18, 1991.

Herzog W and Read L. Anterior cruciate ligament forces in alpine
skiing. J. Applied Biomechanics, 9(4):260-278, 1993.

Dwight Meglan performed a 3-D modelling analysis of forces during
three common weightlifting exercises (front squat, power squat, and
lunge) which is described in the following one-page abstract:

Meglan D, Lutz G, and Stuart M. Effects of closed kinetic chain
exercises for ACL rehabilitation upon the load in the capsular and
ligamentous structures of the knee. Transactions of the 39th Annual
Meeting, Orthopaedic Research Society, Vol 18, p. 307, 1993.

I would appreciate your sharing with me the responses to your Biomch-L
listing. Best wishes for your work.

John P. Holden, Ph.D.
Biomechanics Laboratory
Building 10, Room 6s-235
National Institutes of Health
BETHESDA MD 20892-1604

Tel: 1-301-496-9415
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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 16:12:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jill Ann Crussemeyer
Subject: knee forces
To: paran@sneezy.mece.ualberta.ca
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Hi there,
I have a couple articles that may help you out.

Three-dimensional analysis of knee joint movement with biplanar
photography, with special reference to the analysis of 'dynamic' knee
instabilities. by H. Matsumoto and B.B. Seedhom. IN: Proceedings
Institn. of
mechanical engineers. 1993 207(3) 163-173.

Rotational flexibility of the human knee due to varus/valgus and
axial moments in vivo. by O.S. Mills and M.L. Hull IN: Journal of
biomechanics. 1991 24(8) 673-690.

Hopefully these will assist you in your project. Good luck!

Jill Crussemeyer
Biomechanics Lab
University of Oregon, Eugene

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From: "Lorette Pen NHS"
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 11:19:12 GMT+10
Subject: Re: Knee force analysis
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Dear Colin

I agree it is hard to find those particular references but you might
want to
have a look at the following:

Devita, P. & Skelly, W.A. (1992). Effect of landing stiffness on
joint kinematics and energetics in the lower extremity. Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise, 24(1), 108-115.

Dufek, J.S & Bates, B.T. (1991). Biomechanical facotrs associated
with injury during landing in jump sports. Sports Medicine, 12(5),

Bobbert, M.F., Huijing, P.A. & Van Ingen Schenau, G.J. (1987). Drop
jumping. 1. The influence of jumping technique on the biomechanics of
jumping. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 19(4), 332-338.

In addition the following 2 refs have info on peak GRFs, braking
forces etc.

Steele, J.R. (1990). Biomechanical factors affecting performance in
netball: Implications for improving performance and injury reduction.
Sports Medicine, 10(2), 88-102.

Steele, J.R. & Milburn, P.D. (1988). Effect of different synthetic
sport surfaces on ground reaction forces at landing in netball.
International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, 4, 130-145.

I am also working on 3D knee prediction analysis and would appreciate
any other refs you get!!

Good Luck and thanks

Lorette Pen
Lorette Pen
Griffith University-Gold Coast
PMB 50 Gold Coast Mail Centre
Queensland 4217 Australia
Ph (075) 94 8917
Fax (075) 94 8908

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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 07:55:39 -0600 (CST)
From: "Steve Mccaw"
Sender: smccaw@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Subject: Re: Knee force analysis

Look at Shiavi, R et al, EMG profiles of knee joint musculature during
pivoting: changes induced by ACL deficiency. Journal of
Electromyography and Kinesiology, 1:1:49-57, 1991.


Steve McCaw
Dept of HPERD
5120 Illinois State University
Normal, Ill 61790-5120
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