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01-12-2012, 01:08 PM
Do you work extensively with motion capture systems for gait analysis? Then have a look at our new lower-body marker set, available for sale through Gait Analysis Systems! These marker sets can help: reduce your set-up time, improve consistency and quality of your data, and even streamline your data analysis.



Our marker shells are manufactured from high-quality, injection-molded ABS plastic, providing rigid marker clusters that can be used to create lower-body models for motion capture. Each shell in the set includes 9.5 mm retro-reflective markers, sturdy Velcro attachments, and Fabrifoam straps. Straps feature a rubberized backing and optimal sizing to ensure a non-slip fit on nearly any body shape. All straps are Velcro-compatible for ease of use, and each set includes Velcro tabs which can be repositioned for subtle adjustments in placement. With these straps and shells, motion capture subjects can be outfitted in a matter of minutes!

Our system is not only easy to use, it can also improve the consistency of your data. The plastic shells provide excellent auto-tracking in motion capture software thanks to: 1) material rigidity, which provides consistency for the model, and 2) unique geometrical arrangement of markers to prevent swapping of markers and models. By improving auto-tracking, you can increase efficiency and reduce the amount of time needed for quality control of your data.

Overall, this system provides a dependable data collection experience while reducing the amount of time required for data acquisition and processing. Contact us today for more information about these new marker sets!

Kent Bates
Gait Analysis Systems Inc.