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Patrick J Sparto
08-16-1994, 06:55 AM

Anyone with experience using 3-D non-video or video based systems:

We are looking into the purchase of a 3-D motion analysis system and we had a
few questions regarding a couple of products. Please feel free to respond to
any or all of the following questions:

1) Has anyone used the Flock of Birds system. What are the
advantages/disadvantages of the system? How user friendly is it and what sort
of special equipment do you need to transform the motion measurements into
actual 3-D cartesian or Euler coordinates?

2) How is the Flock of Birds compared to Polhemus or any other system (what are
your views on the best 3-D motion analysis system (video infrared, etc.) and
the cost.

3) What is the speed and accuracy of the Flock of Birds?

4) What are the virtual reality applications of any of the 3-D systems (we
might be performing some postural studies?

5) How badly is the system performance degraded when it is close to metalic

We appreciate all responses. The answers to the questions will be posted in

-Pat Sparto
The Ohio State University

e-mail: psparto@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu