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Chris Kirtley
08-16-1994, 11:51 AM
Dear All,

At a recent workshop here in Australia, David Winter mentioned that it is
possible to derive the Body Centre of Mass displacement during quiet
standing purely from force plate data (i.e. without motion analysis
records). I seem to remember him mentioning the name of Herman or Herdman
(I forget which) reporting this procedure. Note I am talking about Centre
of Mass NOT Pressure.

I have puzzled over whether this is theoretically possible, using perhaps a
double integration of the A-P shear force signal (Fx), i.e. Fx = m.d2x/dt2.
I can't imagine this will work, though, since the body isn't a rigid mass.

Is anyone out there familiar with this method? Does it work? CAN it work??

I would not have asked such a silly question, if I had not heard of the
idea from David Winter himself!

Many thanks in anticipation,

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