View Full Version : New text: Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles by Vladimir Zatsiorsky and Boris Prilutsky

H Culbertson
03-06-2012, 06:05 PM
Human Kinetics is pleased to announce the April release of a new book, Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles (http://www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/Biomechanics-of-Skeletal-Muscles) by Vladimir Zatsiorsky and Boris Prilutsky.

Richly illustrated and presented in clear, concise language, Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles is an essential resource for those seeking advanced knowledge of muscle biomechanics. The text looks at muscle biomechanics in its entirety—from muscle fibers to muscle coordination—making it a unique contribution to the field.

Using a blend of experimental evidence and mechanical models, Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles provides an explanation of whole muscle biomechanics at work in the body in motion. The book first addresses the mechanical behavior of single muscles—from the sarcomere level up to the entire muscle. The architecture of human muscle, the mechanical properties of tendons and passive muscles, the biomechanics of active muscles, and the force transmission and shock absorption aspects of muscle are explored in detail. Next, the various issues of muscle functioning during human motion are addressed. The transformation from muscle force to joint movements, two-joint muscle function, eccentric muscle action, and muscle coordination are analyzed.

Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles is the third volume in the Biomechanics of Human Motion series. The series also includes the titles Kinematics of Human Motion and Kinetics of Human Motion.

For more information about the book, including a full table of contents, visit http://www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/Biomechanics-of-Skeletal-Muscles.