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Info On Force And Position Joysticks
08-24-1994, 09:03 AM
Dear Biomch-L Readers,

I am a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. I am looking for information
on the use of Force Joystick and Position joystick in Rehabilitation field.

I am currently using these joysticks with Cerebral Palsy and normal children. T
he Force joystick I am using measures forces in 2 directions ( Push-pull and la
teral movements). Position joystick is a standard joystick with two potentiomet
ers used to measure position in two directions.

I will be glad if anyone could kindly send me some information, references, art
icles on the use of Force and Position joystick either as a tracking device,
evaluation purpose or its use with handicapeed people.

My E-mail address is: SG92B4ST@duvm.ocs.drexel.edu

Thanks in advance. As a general norm I will post all the replies to Biomch-L

Drexel University