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Herman J. Woltring
10-14-1990, 07:19 PM
To: "Env Sci, Clark Hall UVA, Charlotteville VA 22903, U.S.A.,
CC: Biomch-L@HEARN

Dear Subscriber,

While the Mechanics of Tropical Trees is, indeed, a rather esoteric subject on
Biomch-L, it definitely belongs to the scope of Biomechanics; I seem to recall
a related paper in the Journal of Biomechanics of some years ago. If you wish,
I might try and look it up?

At any rate, you can sign off from the list by sending the command SIGNOFF
BIOMCH-L to LISTSERV@HEARN. Alternatively, I would very much like to see a
posting on current, major problems in your field. I would think that some
link might exist with bending mechanics in living bone which, I presume, might
interest a substantial part of the subscribership. By posting such a summary,
you might find out with more certainty to what extent Biomch-L meets your pur-
poses (despite the list's original profile on Human and Animal Movement).

One of the interesting parts of our field is its multidisciplinarity. Last
week, for example, I was talking with a group of agricultural researchers
on the application of the GCVSPL s/w package (stored on LISTSERV@HEARN, and
retrievable by sending the command SEND GCVSPL FORTRAN to LISTSERV@HEARN) for
estimation of data in a certain growth and nutrition problem. Also, the Irish
conference announced on Biomch-L last week underlines the potential of cross-
fertilisation between disciplines.

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring (moderator, Biomch-L).