10-24-1990, 04:07 AM
To all recipients of Biomch-L who run clinical and/or research
gait labs

As one of the 'deliverables' of the CAMARC project (see previous
entries on this list) we are producing a report on current
protocols in use by gait (motion) analysis labs throughout the
world. The report will also include some tentative recommendations
for standardisation of methods of reporting protocols, (the
problem of standardising the protocol itself is not (and perhaps
should not be) addressed at the present time).

It would be of great service to ourselves if any laboratories
that subscribe to the list could complete the questionnaire and
return it to myself by mid-November 1990. The only incentive we
can offer for performing this task is a copy of the report upon
its completion.

The questionnaire should be available on the LISTSERVE@HEARN
fileserver later in the week, for the present it has been sent
directly to a few subscribers, those who have not received it can
obtain it from myself (fax or email).

Many thanks

Ben Heller
Bioengineering Unit, University of Strathclyde, 106 Rottenrow,
Glasgow G4 0NW, Scotland.

fax int + 44 (0)41 552 6098