View Full Version : EMG inquiries

Bruce A. Macwilliams
09-09-1994, 09:17 AM
Two questions dealing with EMG sytems:

1) We currently have a Transkinetics System. Not only have
they gone out of business, but, to make things worse, Duracell
has stopped making the battery we were using in the receivers.
This was the model MS-13 1.5 volt hearing aid battery. Their
same-size replacement only operates at 1.4 volts and we were
told this would be too low. Anyone know of a replacement battery
we can use?

2) Hopefully we will soon be replacing the Transkinetic system.
I would be interested in any reccomendations and names of vendors.

Thanks in advance.

Bruce MacWilliams
Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Biomechanics