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R J Eveleigh
09-12-1994, 02:08 AM
Help needed.
I'm looking for a paper referenced in an article titled 'Loads acting on
an intramedullary femoral nail', E. Schneider, M.C. Michel, M. Genge and
S.M. Perren in the book Implantable telemetry in Orthopaedics edited by
Bergmann, Graichen and Rohlmann (1990).

The paper is referenced as being 'in preparation' and is titled:-

In vivo load measurements using an instrumented interlocking nail in a
human femur fracture
Schneider E, Michel MC, Genge M and Perren SM.

If anyone knows where it was published I would be interested to know.
Thanks in advance,

Rebecca Eveleigh,
Postgraduate Researcher,
School of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Bath.