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William L. Siler, Ph.d.
09-14-1994, 01:06 AM
Dear Colleagues:

I apologize if I am being a nuisance in pursuing the topic of science
misconduct. I am serving on an institutional task force charged with
evaluating and revising research administration. One question which
arose was how the instituion deals with allegations of misconduct/fraud.
The significance of the question was reinforced at the NIH meeting I
alluded to in earlier postings when the longest discussion dealt with the
same question. I have another question for your consideration and a
suggestion. Do your institutions have published procedures for making/
investigating allegations of science misconduct/science fraud? I would
be very interested in those procedures if you are willing to share them.

The suggestion is this: Post discussion responses to the list at-large
rather than to the person initiating the discussion. I believe that the
immediacy of the exchange is important. I am not looking to duck my
responsibilities if I initiate a discussion, but I don't believe that a
protocol in which a mediator compiles responses and posts them fits the
definition of a discussion. Topics such as science misconduct and
professional conduct require exchanges. I also think it would contribute
to the vitality of the list and the profession.

Thank you for your time and attention.

(William L. Siler, Ph.D.)
Saint Louis University