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09-16-1994, 08:09 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers and Bioemechanists all over the world,

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Final Announcement & Registration and Call for Papers
XVth Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics
Hosted by the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, July 2-6, 1995
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The Organizing Committee of the XVth Congress of the International
Society of Biomechanics warmly welcomes the Biomechanists all over
the world to participate the next Biannual Scientific Meeting of the ISB
at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The ISB XV opens on July the
2nd and closes on July the 6th.

As Prof. Dr. Paavo V. Komi, the Chair of the XVth ISB Congress says:
"Please come to Jyvaskyla with your best scientific spirit and knowledge
so that we can all enjoy the great progress of biomechanics research.
Be also prepared to come here fresh and well charged: the long days with
the midnight sun demand special professional and social energy."

*Call for Papers*

Participants are invited to submit proposals for podium and poster
presentations at the Congress. The two-page abstracts should be
written in English within the scope of the Congress Topics.

The Deadline for Abstract Submission is December 15, 1994.

The Final Announcement & Registration and Call for Papers brochures
have been posted to the members of ISB already in July 1994. Most of the
participants of the 2nd World Congress of Biomechanics in Amsterdam
this summer have got their copy also. Those who have not received the
leaflet yet, please, send an email message to: multasuo@jyu.fi.
or contact the following address:

XVth ISB Congress Secretariat
Ms Tiina Multasuo
University of Jyvaskyla
Jyvaskyla Congresses
P.O.Box 35
FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla
fax: +358 41 603621
tel: +358 41 603664

*Congress Topics*

Biomechanics of Human Movement
* Assesment of Muscle Function
* Clinical and Orthopaedics Biomechanics
* Normal and Non-Normal Locomotion
* Occupational Biomechanics
* Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
* Sport Biomechanics

Biomechanical Methodology
* Computer Modelling
* Human-Machine System
* Measurement and Data Processing
* Methods and Instrumentation
* Muscle Stimulation
* Simulation and Optimization in Biomechanics

Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics
* Biomechanics of Joints, Ligaments and Spine
* Electromyographic Analyses
* Muscle Mechanics and Energetics
* Neuromuscular Control of Posture and Movement
* Neuromuscular Performance; Children, Adults, Aged, Athletes

Biomechanics of Tissue and Biomaterials
* Biomaterials
* Prostheses, Orthoses and External Fixations
* Soft and Hard Tissue Biomechanics

Environmental Biomechanics in Humans and Animals
* Impact and Vibration Biomechanics
* Micro and Hypergravity
* Water and Air Locomotion

Cardio-Respiratory Biomechanics
* Cardiac and Vascular Biomechanics
* Respiratory Biomechanics

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This message was written by:
Dr. Kari L. Keskinen, Secretary General of the ISB XV
Email: keskinen@pallo.jyu.fi
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