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unknown user
09-18-1994, 02:38 PM
Dear Friend,
Since you are someone who reads E-Mail, I thought
you might be interested in getting a free copy of
an unusual report. This report, entitled "Remote
Backup Systems", describes a new data service that
could be valuable to your community.
Did you know anyone with a PC, a modem, and a
telephone line could perform off-site back-ups for
businesses in their area? And did you know that
this service could generate up to ten thousand
dollars per phone line, per month, (while the RBS
operator is at home asleep) ?
If you'd like more details, you can get your
free copy of this report by calling Golden Lantern
Data, at : 714-587-3186 . (24 hours)

Best Regards,
S. Conroy

P.S. By the way, there is no obligation.