View Full Version : RBS - well, at least it's not a @&(#@% pyramid scheme!

Mitchell Gil Maltenfort
09-18-1994, 04:31 PM
> Dear Friend,

I am not your friend. Read on.

> Did you know anyone with a PC, a modem, and a
>telephone line could perform off-site back-ups for
>businesses in their area? And did you know that
>this service could generate up to ten thousand
>dollars per phone line, per month, (while the RBS
>operator is at home asleep) ?

I can imagine. This was not a good idea. "Make Money Fast"
business schemes have become the bane of mailing lists. This one may have
some merit, but certainly not on this list. I think I can safely speak for
the other recipients of the Biomechanics Mailing List, and other scientific
mailing lists, when I say we generally have more than enough work
processing and managing our own data.

To other members of the list: sorry to waste bandwidth, just wanted to let
you know that a complaint has been made.

Mitchell Gil Maltenfort Northwestern University Chicago, Illinois

Computers are like puppies - eager to obey, but unless you explain
everything to them in puppy terms, they *will* make a mess on the floor.