View Full Version : CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 6.0: Static and dynamic multi-angle, auto-tracking

01-08-2013, 10:22 AM
The motion analysis software CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 6.0 has now been released.

Static multi-angle
Study any different type of angles in every frame and save the new angle combinations as a template for future measurements.

Dynamic multi-angle (auto-tracking)
Use the template of a static angle in order to use auto-tracking. It is possible to track multiple angles in multiple views, compare angle data in diagrams and export data for further calculations.

EMG analysis
New functions were added to the EMG module. They allow signal processing, rectifying, filtering, smoothing...

TEMPLO & Vicon Motus 2D/3D
A new scheme for the easy transfer of recordings to the professional kinematic and kinetic analysis software Vicon Motus 10 is available. With Motus a scientific analysis is performable.

Many other features have been added, for example new reliable 2D/3D posture tests, displaying of live force vector...

www.contemplas.com (http://www.contemplas.com/motion-analysis-news/templo_latest_version.aspx)