View Full Version : knee kinematics w/ loading

Trey Crisco
09-21-1994, 04:47 AM

Does any one know of any work (theoretical, cadaveric, or in vivo) that
has studied the effects of task loading (muscle forces) on knee kinematics
in the normal healthy knee?

Another way to ask this question might be: Do knee kinematics (e.g. center
of rotation, helical axis, anterior translation, glidding and rolling, etc.),
as a function of knee angle, differ between passive knee flexion, squatting
exercise with various weights ("closed-chain" rehab.), and leg extensions
("open-chain" rehab.)?

The clasical four-bar linkage could predict different forces but would not
predict any kinematic difference because the "links" are rigid.

I will be glad to post the responses.

Thanks, Trey Crisco