View Full Version : REQUEST: Crash test dummy - neck info.

Mike Hendley
09-21-1994, 06:45 AM
Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. is a biomechanical engineering consulting
company based in Ottawa, Canada. We are presently interested in learning
about any work worldwide in the field of crash test dummy neck development,
specifically pertaining to biofidelity and load measuring or injury sensing
devices. We are also intersted in any work that has been done recently to
further quantify human neck biomechanical responses to static and dynamic
loading at both injurious and sub-injurious levels.

We are mainly intersted in developments that are underway at present, or
that have occurred over the past five years or so. Any information, leads
or rumours would be very much appreciated.


Mike Hendley (mhendley@fox.nstn.ca)
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