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Christoph Reinschmidt
09-22-1994, 09:08 AM
Human Performance Laboratory
The University of Calgary

Job Description:
Applications are invited for a Biomechanics technician to work on a
project quantifying the effect of insoles of varying materials and
hardness. Data has to be gathered from ten subjects on seven insole
conditions with five trials each. The project consists of data
collection, analysis and final report submission. Data collection and
analysis involves kinetics and kinematics with an existing three
dimensional software program including calculation of resultant joint
moments for the ankle and knee. 200 Hz video analysis and foot
pressure measurements may also be involved.

Biomechanics, physics or mechanical engineering background. Computer
experience with UNIX and PCs as well as high speed video systems
would be an asset.

Expected start date is October 7, 1994 with completion by February 1,
1995. It may be possible to continue this term position with further
project work. The position is funded from external sources and is not
a university support staff position. The salary range is between $1800
and $2000 per month. Canadian citizenship (or landed immigrant) is

Applications, including a resume, should be sent by October 1, 1994

Roni Fisher
Technical Supervisor
Human Performance Laboratory
Faculty of Physical Education
The University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4.
E-mail: roni@phed.ucalgary.ca