View Full Version : Multiple forceplate mounting

Wendy Gilleard
09-22-1994, 05:14 PM
We would like some advice as to experiences people have had with multiple
force plate mounting.
We are currently designing a mounting platform for Kistler forceplates. It
will be located in the centre of a lab and congruent with the floor surface.
We have at this stage 2 forceplates which we wish to be able to place in a
variety of arrangments. These arrangements include length parallel, width
parallel, and half way length wise. We also wish to be able to separate the
plates up to 2 lengths or widths apart. Therefore we will have a mounting
platform approximtely 1.8 metres long and 0.8 metres wide with multiple
mounting points.
If you have such a 'beast' in your lab could you tell me;
1. How have you installed the level mounting points for the Kistlers?
2. How do you keep them level and how often do you need to re set them?
3. How long does it take you to set up a new arrangment of forceplates?
Thank you
Wendy Gilleard
Dept. Biological Science
Faculty of Health Science
University of Sydney