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Russell Best
09-23-1994, 02:58 PM
Below is a job adverisement from my University. To save time I've
added the position description also. However, I would recommend
contacting the relevant people for more information because I believe
they will send brochures and the like which I can't yet transmit via

Since I am on holiday for the next few weeks, if you contact me about
the position you may not get a prompt response (if at all!). Please
make formal approaches to the appropriate officers detailed in the
position description.

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The Faculty of Human Development wishes to appoint a senior academic
to the new Jack Refshauge Chair of Movement Sciences. The naming of
the Jack Refshauge Chair is a joint initiative of Sport and
Recreation Victoria and Victoria University of Technology in
recognition of the outstanding achievements of Jack Refshauge in
sport and education within Victoria.

The person appointed will be Director of the Centre for
Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sport Science (CRESS). CRESS is a new
University Research Centre located in the Faculty. It undertakes
research and consultancy work aimed to enhance physical performance,
health and wellbeing in and through physical activity. Major
contributions currently come from the disciplines of exercise
physiology and metabolism, biomechanics and sport and exercise

The person appointed will be expected to provide research leadership
in rehabilitation, exercise and sport science. This will include
identification of major research directions and oversight of research
funding strategies and applications and the development of
consultancy work. The person appointed will manage the Centre,
including coordination of around 20 academic staff and more than 60
research students currently associated with it.

A PhD and a strong research record in the field are essential. The
person appointed will have relevant academic and professional
experience in the rehabilitation, exercise and sport science field.
Substantial experience of attracting and managing research and
consultancy funds will be a distinct advantage.

The Jack Refshauge Chair of Movement Sciences is an established
position in the Faculty of Human Development at Victoria University
of Technology. The appointment will be made on a tenurable basis. The
person appointed will have available an initial research grant of up
to $20,000 for personal research and will also be able to access a
Centre car. Superannuation, travel and removal allowance and
temporary housing assistance are available.

Salary : $78,991 per annum (Level E)

Further information regarding the position may be obtained from
Professor David Lawson by telephone on (03) 688 4085 or by fax on
(03) 688 4803.
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A position description may be obtained from Personnel Services by
telephone on (03) 688 4993 or by fax on (03) 688 4965.

Forward written applications quoting reference number F/HD05,
personal details, qualifications, experience and the names,
addresses, telephone and confidential facsimile numbers (where
available) of three referees to the Manager, Personnel Services,
Footscray Campus, Victoria University of Technology, PO Box 14428,
MMC, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 by 21 October 1994.
Equality of employment opportunity is University policy.

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Centre for Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sport Science (CRESS)

Jack Refshauge Professor of Movement Sciences and Director of CRESS

Position Title: Jack Refshauge Professor of Movement Sciences
Director, Centre for Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sport Science

Position Ref: F/HD05

Salary: $78,991 (Level E)

Incumbent: New Position

Reports to: Dean, Faculty of Human Development
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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The Victoria University of Technology has established a chair in the
area of rehabilitation, exercise and sport science. In association
with Sport and Recreation Victoria and in recognition of his
significant contribution to sport and education in Victoria,
including a notable role in the development of physical education and
recreation at Footscray Institute of Technology and Victoria
University of Technology, the University has named the chair, the
Jack Refshauge Chair of Movement Sciences. The person appointed to
this chair will be Director of the Centre for Rehabilitation,
Exercise and Sport Science (CRESS).

The Centre for Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sport Science has
recently been established as a University Research Centre (URC). It
is one of only six URCs and it is envisaged that this number will not
increase in the next few years, so the research area is recognised as
one of the University's strongest. As a URC, CRESS has guaranteed
funding from the University for five years. This is based on CRESS
meeting agreed performance objectives and the amount of funding
reduces each year so that CRESS is expected to be self-financing by

Each URC is located in a faculty and the Director reports to the Dean
of that faculty on a day-to-day basis, while being responsible also
to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). CRESS is an independent
cost centre in the Faculty of Human Development. This Faculty has
four departments, Education, Nursing, Health Sciences, and Physical
Education & Recreation, as well as a number of other research units.
There is great potential for staff in each of those departments and
units to collaborate on research and consultancy in CRESS for their
mutual benefit. Currently, the largest input to CRESS comes from the
Department of Physical Education and Recreation, with only occasional
contributions around the Faculty, so this is an area of potential

A characteristic of URCs is that they should have cross Faculty
collaboration. CRESS has historically involved substantial input from
exercise biochemistry and metabolism researchers in the Department of
Chemistry and Biology. This contribution currently involves four
members of academic staff, a research officer and six postgraduate
research students and involves a range of collaborative studies with
other members of the Centre, as well as many biochemistry projects.

Other research currently in progress involves intra-University
collaborations with engineering departments, Maths and Computing, and
the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts. Again there is
potential to expand the inter-faculty collaborations of CRESS.

The Centre also has external associations with researchers in a
number of other Australian universities, as well as overseas
collaborators in the USA, the UK, Europe, and Asia. It is developing
partnerships with commercial potential, both in research and
consultancy. In view of the limit to the time for which the
University supports URCs, developing this area is a priority for the
Director of CRESS.

The Director will also play a leading role in achieving the Centre's
aim of becoming a national leader in research and consultancy in its
field, as measured by performance indicators such as source and
amount of public and private funding attracted, prestigious
publications and presentations by Centre members, number of research
students enrolled in and graduating from the Centre and eminent
researchers attracted to work in or collaborate with the Centre.
Primary among these will be the preparation of research and
consultancy funding proposals to suit target organisations, the
development of strategies for research to enhance the success of
these applications, such as optimal selection of funding agencies,
identification of topics receiving funding priority, and the
identification and lobbying of internal and external figures
influential in the determination of research funding. Encouragement
and support for CRESS members to facilitate the submission of
publications and conference presentations, as well as funding
proposals, is a primary means by which the Director will promote this

The Director of CRESS will be responsible for the management of the
Centre, including its facilities, resources and its budget.
Acquisition and maintenance of laboratories and office space,
equipment to execute research and administrative activities,
administrative and technical staff to support the Centre's activities
and high quality researchers and research students to execute the
research and consultancy work, which will further enhance the
national and international standing of CRESS, will require skills in
negotiating at all levels within the University and with various
external organisations.

The Chair is a Faculty position on a tenurable basis with a level E
salary ($78,991). Duties, responsibilities and rights outside CRESS
may be assigned from time to time. The person appointed will have
available an inital research grant of up to $20,000 for personal
research, and will also be able to access a Centre car for business
and reasonable private purposes.


The Jack Refshauge Professor of Movement Sciences, as Director of
CRESS holds a research leadership position. Its main objective is to
lead the development of the new research centre to a position of
national and international pre-eminence in the area of
rehabilitation, exercise and sport science. Strategic leadership is
required in setting the direction of future research and consultancy
to achieve financial, as well as scholarly, success. Leadership is
needed to foster the development of researchers in the Centre to
achieve their personal objectives, as well as the corporate
objectives of CRESS.


3.1 Leadership

To provide academic leadership in the field of Movement Sciences by
actively promoting the maintenance of high academic standards and by
demonstration of a continuing high level of commitment to scholarly
achievement, through excellence in research, professional
consultancy, teaching, and curriculum innovation.

To provide academic leadership for research in rehabilitation,
exercise and sport science by developing research policy commensurate
with the mission of CRESS and current needs and priorities in
government, industry and the community and by promoting research in
the Centre, advising, leading or collaborating on the submission of
research proposals, the execution of high quality research, the
publication of papers in prestigious international journals, and
presentations at major international conferences to foster the
research and development of individuals and groups.

Associated with the above, to promote the Centre so as to attract
high quality postgraduate research students, to supervise and monitor
their supervision by others to ensure the production of theses well
regarded in their field and submitted in minimum time.

To provide managerial leadership of the Centre for Rehabilitation,
Exercise and Sport Science by developing administrative policy and
procedures, chairing the Management Committee, directing the
activities of the Administrative Officer, the Marketing Manager and
any other staff employed by the Centre, as well as organising
procedures for the effective involvement of research and technical
support shared with other administrative units.

3.2 Financial Management and Development

To manage the Centre's budget effectively by optimal use of

To develop strategies to maximise acquisition of competitive research
funds, research contracts and sponsorships for research.

To negotiate agreements on shared use of equipment and facilities to
the financial benefit of CRESS.

To create other strategies for the generation of research funds.

To maximise the productivity of the CRESS Consultancy Unit and
develop profitable consultancy and service activities.

To develop profitable programs, particularly non-award bearing
courses, in the area of CRESS expertise.

3.3 Resource Management and Development

To manage the maintenance of all CRESS laboratory and office
facilities to the highest standards.

To acquire additional space for laboratories, offices and associated
functions, as needed by the Centre.

To acquire new equipment for research and administrative functions as
it is needed.

To acquire research, administrative and technical staff commensurate
with CRESS development plans and identified needs.

To acquire high quality postgraduate research students with the
associated funding and scholarship implications.

To enter into agreements with other units for the mutually beneficial
use of space, staff and equipment.

3.4 Reporting, Liaison and Promotional Activities

To report to the Dean, Faculty of Human Development on a regular
basis agreed with the Dean, providing information on Centre
activities and access support for Centre developments.

To report to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on the basis of
information or support.

To chair, report to and facilitate operation of the CRESS Management
Committee on all CRESS research, consultancy and financial business.

To service and report to the CRESS Advisory Committee and to liaise
with its members, both external and internal.

To liaise with University Senior Management, Administration, and
heads of other administrative units, such as departments and other
University and faculty research centres as necessary for the smooth
running and successful development of CRESS.

To liaise with key figures in research fund provision, both internal
and external to ensure that CRESS has a high profile and image of
research excellence to maximise research funding.

To liaise with key figures in the community who are potential
providers of research partnerships, such as sports organisations,
hospitals, community services and industrial companies.

To liaise with community leaders and support agencies to ensure that
CRESS has a high profile and positive image in the community for its
excellence and its community involvement and to develop consultancy

To liaise with the media, advise CRESS staff in media promotion and
to employ other University expertise to ensure good promotion of the
Centre in the local and national electronic and print media, good
public relations with current and prospective clients or partners and
other target groups and good hospitality of visiting clients or


Skills, Abilities and Attributes

Demonstrated achievement in the field of movement science,
specifically in rehabilitation, exercise and sport science, which is
recognised as outstanding and maintained by colleagues in the field.

Continuing and significant contributions to the body of knowledge in
the field by research and critical analysis of existing knowledge,
resulting in published articles in refereed journals, professional
reports, books and other publications from established publishing

Professional leadership as demonstrated by presentations for
professional associations, national and international conferences,
especially by invitation, as well as invitations to comment to the
media and in other forums on topical issues.

Award of significant prizes, fellowships or honours by external
bodies in recognition of scholarship or research.

Development and implementation of strategies and policies for
research, leading to significant new initiatives and research

Proven record in acquisition of research funds, in terms of number
and size of research grants received and research programs
successfully executed, including leadership of research teams and
supervision of postgraduate research students.

Successful application of research results to the solution of
significant problems of relevance to the community and professional
application of knowledge in the community through consultancy and/or
service activity.

Contributions to academic excellence and innovation in terms of
curriculum development, teaching methods, access or articulation.

Effective management of academic or other units, so as to enhance the
organisation's goals and objectives, including budget management,
student recruitment and monitoring of progress, staff development and
facilities planning and maintenance.

Service on public boards, committees of inquiry, regional
authorities, boards and committees of professional associations or
government, as well as membership of accreditation, review, advisory
or examining bodies.

Ability to liaise and negotiate at all levels, including record of
liaison with senior personnel in commercial organisations and
government agencies, resulting in successful funding or sponsorship.

Further Information:
Please contact Professor David Lawson, Dean, Faculty of Human
Development, on (03) 688 4085, or on fax number (03) 688 4803.

Closing date: 21 October 1994

Forward written applications (preferably 2 copies) quoting Reference
Number and including the names and contact details of three referees
to Personnel Services, Footscray Campus, Victoria University of
Technology, P.O. Box 14428, MMC, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Fax number
(03) 688 4965.